Trusts have throughout history been used as a device for holding assets on behalf of beneficiaries and maintaining control over those assets. Trusts can be created during your lifetime or on your death. There are three basic types of Trust:

  • Bare trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Life Interest or Interest in Possession trusts


You may consider a trust for the following reasons:

  • Protection of assets for disabled beneficiaries or the elderl
  • Maintenance of assets for children, the disabled or elderl
  • Protection and maintenance of assets for beneficiaries in general
  • Specific trusts for the protection and maintenance of personal injury settlements.


We can provide expert advice on:

  • Creating trusts and the right trust for your circumstances
  • Administration of trusts, preparation of trust accounts and tax returns
  • Trustees obligations and duties
  • Distributions from and terminations of trusts.
  • Advising a corporate trustee on a challenge to the title of its main asset.
  • Advising a beneficiary on an issue with professional and lay trustees concerning the apportionment of trust assets.
  • Advising a future beneficiary on steps to protect estate assets and disputed powers or attorney.
  • Advising lay trustees on claims made by beneficiaries.
  • Acting on challenges to lifetime gifts, rectification and other claims.
  • Bringing and defending claims under the Inheritance Act 1975.