Housing law covers any issues arising between a landlord and tenant or between a freeholder and leaseholder. It also includes applications to a local authority by someone who has become homeless.

We act for landlords and tenants, for both freeholders and leaseholders in long lease disputes and for parties in mortgage possession proceedings.


The Landlords

We offer sensible and cost effective advice and assistance where your tenant gets behind with their rent, behaves anti-socially or is generally in breach of the terms of their tenancy agreement. We are experienced in dealing with squatter situations and bringing court action where necessary. We are able to draft tenancy agreements tailored to your specific requirements, prepare and serve notices and issue court proceedings on your behalf. We will, of course, represent you at court and see the case through to enforcement of any order.


The Tenants

We are committed to social justice and can help you if you are in dispute with your landlord or have become homeless. We have considerable experience of dealing with possession cases (where your landlord has issued court proceedings against you or is trying to evict you) and anti social behaviour. We can also assist if your property is in a poor state of repair and your landlord is refusing or failing to have the necessary repairs carried out. We can assist with homeless applications to Local Authorities and regularly undertake both reviews and appeals of negative decisions. We also deal with unlawful evictions and harassment by landlords.