Publishing of the ‘Written Word’ – If your business concerns the ‘written word’, we can advise you on:

  • Publishing agreements (between writers and publishers)
  • Literary agent agreements
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Data protection
  • Privacy
  • Digital distribution agreements


Music Publishing – In tandem with the written word form of publishing, we can guide you on matters relating to the area of music publishing.

Media – Where your business relates to TV contracts, we can advise you in the negotiation and drafting of international television agreements.

You can also receive our assistance on commercial / legal matters relating to film and to the theatre

New Media – If your business relates to ‘new media’ deals covering music, gaming, sport, news, or film, we can provide you with appropriate help.

Artist Guidance – Apart from giving guidance on IP and commercial matters relating to musicians, if you are an artist involved with the visual arts, we are happy to provide you with legal advice on paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs.