Company Secretarial Functions

The company secretarial department provides a full range of company secretarial services that are designed to ensure compliance with statutory obligations and avoid the risk of penalties and prosecution. The services can be delivered either as specialist ‘one-off’ advice or assignments or, more typically, as ongoing annual compliance support. We aim to deliver a tailor-made solution best suited to particular needs. We can advise on company procedures and relevant statutory compliance.

We serve clients of all sizes ranging from entrepreneurs and fledgling companies to publicly listed companies and their subsidiaries, limited liability partnerships, companies limited by guarantee and off-shore entities. Our knowledge of company legislation releases clients from this administrative burden allowing directors and proprietors of businesses to devote more time to what they are good at – developing their businesses. We can undertake the full range of company secretarial duties, either on behalf of a client or as a reliable support service for a client’s in-house secretarial function.


  • Registration of new companies (UK and overseas – through our network of affiliated offices) and re-registration and change of name.
  • We will attend to all the formalities associated with incorporating a new company, re-registering a company from private to public (and vice versa) or effecting a company’s change of name. Some restrictions are imposed on the acceptability of a proposed company name.
  • We will advise on any likely ‘sensitive’ words and restrictions and check at Companies House on whether there are any existing similar names.
  • The Articles of Association of a company regulate how that company can operate. We can advise on the most appropriate share capital structure and tailor the constitution accordingly, including preparing all requisite documentation.
  • Registered office facility at a prestigious London address. A registered office is the address of a company to which all official and statutory letters and reminders will always be sent. A registered office need not be the same address as the company’s principal place of business but must be located in the same jurisdiction as that of the company’s incorporation.


Annual Compliance Services:

  • Keeping Companies’ Statutory Records.
  • Preparation of annual return (required to be submitted to Companies House each year).
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions to fulfill year-end formalities.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to other corporate formalities, preparation of documents and submissions to Companies House (e.g. Appointment/Resignation of Directors, Change of Shareholders).


Other Advice:

  • Advice on and assistance with setting up a business in the UK (e.g. Company formation & Branch or Place of Business Registration).
  • Company and/or Group Reorganisation (e.g. Capital Increase, Capital Reduction, Capital reconstructions and purchases of own shares).
  • Advice on the progressive application of the Companies Act 2006.
  • Constitutional changes – special objects/amendments to Articles of Association.
  •  Changes of name and advice on sensitive names.
  • Accounting reference date queries.
  • Allotment, transfer, transmission of shares.
  • Re-registrations.
  • Law and good practice relating to meetings.