Landlord & Tenant

Tenant Advice

We can advise tenants facing the following problems:

  • Tenancy status and your rights, e.g. if you are given notice to vacate your home and are unsure how to proceed next
  • Representation at court to those defending possession proceedings or warrants to evict, and to occupiers who are unlawfully evicted and wish to obtain compensation/reinstatement to a property
  • To those who have purchased property under a long lease, advice on disputes regarding service charges or management of the building and advice on lease extensions. Please read our Service Charge Dispute factsheet for more information challenging a service charge that you consider to be unreasonable
  • Representation at court to those wishing to obtain compensation for disrepair and those who need repairs carried out. If works are urgent we can assist in applying for an emergency injunction
  • Representation to those who face losing their home through allegations of anti social behaviour
  • Assistance in respect of tenancy deposit schemes and how deposits should be protected and disputes resolved. Our landlord and tenant solicitors have prepared Disputes with Landlords over a Tenancy Deposit factsheet that provides information in relation to compliance with the law on deposit for private rented housing
  • Homelessness or threat of eviction


Landlord Advice

We act for all kind of clients including property managers, estate & letting agents and private landlords and advise on a range of matters from the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, to evicting tenants and terminating the tenancy, to recovery of unpaid rent.

Examples of landlord claims might be:

  • Problem tenants – unpaid rent or unreasonable behaviour
  • Breaches of Tenancy Agreements by the tenant
  • How to bring a fixed term tenancy to an end
  • How to evict a tenant during a fixed term tenancy or after it has expired