Fundraising is often a charity’s main source of income. To maintain and protect public trust and confidence, fundraising activities need to be carried out both legally and efficiently. Charities must ensure that they comply with charity law throughout all fundraising ventures including commercial arrangements with other organisations, contracts with professional fundraisers and broadcast appeals. Charities must also be able to demonstrate that charitable donations are used for the causes they were given for.

We can also advise you on fundraising through primary purpose and commercial trading, including commercial participator arrangements and the IP, tax and VAT implications of fundraising (including Gift Aid).

We can advise you on:

  • Applying for a new Charity
  • Control of fundraising and fundraising compliance
  • Use of social media and the internet as fundraising tools
  • Fundraising events, including charity concerts and telethons
  • Arrangements with celebrities and sports promoters
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Merchandising
  • TV deals and broadcasting rights
  • Advertising and media relations
  • Grants