Money laundering is the deliberate concealment of money which has been obtained illegally. Money laundering can occur globally as financial markets bloom. Examples and techniques include shell companies, offshore accounts, smurfing (colloquial term for a money launderer, who may pack cash in a suitcase and smuggle it to another country for gambling, buying international currency, or other reasons) and fraudulent record keeping.

The processes by which criminally derived property may be laundered are extensive and can be done in a variety of ways. Common forms of money laundering include:

  • Structuring
  • Bank methods
  • Double invoicing
  • Currency exchanges

Money laundering laws are complex and such cases require criminal defence solicitors with experience in this field.

Laundering Money & Proceeds of Crime

Audley Chaucer has considerable experience in specifically defending clients who have been accused of laundering money and dealing with Proceeds of Crime Investigations.

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