Every business, be it a company or a partnership, requires legal advice at the many different stages of its existence. A client may want to start a new business or sell their business, buy another or seek legal advice on a restructuring or shares issue.

UK corporate governance mediates the rights and duties among shareholders, employees, creditors and directors. Since the board of directors possesses the power to manage the business under a company constitution, a central theme is the mechanisms that exist to ensure directors’ accountability. UK law is “shareholder friendly” in that shareholders, to the exclusion of employees, typically exercise sole voting rights in the general meeting. Of central importance in public and listed companies is the securities market, typified by the London Stock Exchange and through the Takeover Code the UK strongly protects the right of shareholders to be treated equally and freely trade their shares.

Following the end of the Brexit transition period, 31 December 2020, UK companies will no longer be able to take advantage of the process for effecting the merger of European companies pursuant to the Cross-Border Mergers Directive and the associated UK Regulations. These regulations allow mergers of EEA companies, provided that the merger includes at least one UK company and at least one company from another EEA member state and are typically taken advantage of in reorganisations of corporate groups. Corporate groups looking to undertake a European cross-border merger, pursuant to the Directive, which involves one or more UK companies, should plan to complete these transactions prior the end of the transition period.

Company and corporate law can be extremely complex. Audley Chaucer aim to cut through the complexities and ensure that a client’s specific needs are obtained as swiftly and effectively as possible and that our advice adds value to their business.

Audley Chaucer has a comprehensive range of solutions and advice to meet a company’s UK and international needs.


Ian Lake

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