With the second largest economy, second only to the USA, China is on a continuing mission to invest worldwide particularly within the UK.

Many UK household names have either been bought outright or have attracted significant investment. Transport company South Western Railway, in which Chinese company MTR holds 30% of the shares together with Aberdeen based FirstGroup holding the balance, makes them a significant part of UK infrastructure.

In 2018 China invested more in the UK than any other Western country. Even with the uncertainties of Brexit the Chinese are continuing to pursue many investment opportunities and have already, to August 2019, invested more than the entirety of 2018. The UK is still the number one European destination for Chinese investment.

Property is seen as a sound investment and thousands of property enquiries are being made each month. Chinese property websites have large numbers of UK properties. Chinese buyers, many of whom have children in education, invest in university cities – eg Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds – and often buy second properties in London.

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Written by Ian Lake

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