‘Trespassing’ Ex-Wife sued for £500,000

A banker has sued his ex-wife for £500,000, as she refused to move out from their £6 million former family home, after agreeing to a “clean break” divorce.

As part of their divorce settlement in 2016, the couple agreed to sell the property and split the sale proceeds.

Due to instability in the high-end housing market, the sale of the house took longer than expected and the ex-wife continued to reside at the property until its eventual sale.

At Central London County Court, a judge found that the ex-wife could be considered a trespasser for ignoring demands to leave the property after a settlement was reached.

The banker has now asked for his ex-wife to pay him £500,000 in rent for the time she remained in the house after the split. The case is set to return to court for this to be determined.

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Written by Syeda Anjum

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