Quintin Smith


Quintin works in the conveyancing department and works with all forms of property transactions including residential and commercial property.

Quintin’s experience and expertise in Internet law including, buying and selling websites, drafting terms and conditions and privacy policies has proved vital in the fast moving internet environment. Quintin is able to advise on media defamation law and clients in relation to their online transactions and presence in the UK.

Quintin has good knowledge in dealing with Commercial transactions and acquisitions as well having experience of high value contract negotiations.

Quintin’s prior experience included Employment Law for which he has provided advice and represented clients in courts and tribunals. His experience extends to time spent abroad where he assisted in CCMA (ACAS in the UK) disputes in South Africa.

“Quintin’s ability to quickly understand our IT company’s aims and possibilities has made us more efficient in our day-to-day operation”

“His experience and success in achieving our goals in our acquisition of another subsidiary to our company portfolio has been exemplary.”