Momodu Maligi


Momodu has extensive experience in commercial and commercial matters particularly in Sierra Leone and The Gambia, as well as a number of other countries in West Africa.  He is a former Government Minister of Water Resources for Sierra Leone and was awarded the distinction of the Minister of the Year in 2014 and 2017 together with the Most Outstanding Ministry in the same years.

Momodu was Head of Global Corporate Banking for the Standard Chartered Bank in Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a progressive, forward-thinking consultant, Momodu has a wealth of experience in orchestrating fiscal operations in global portfolios. He has led teams in highly competitive and challenging environments and established goals for facilitating budget adjustments and providing direct technical guidance on programme design and implementation.

He is a polished professional focused on visionary and creative solutions with a positive attitude and a steadfast commitment to excellence. He has an innate ability to cultivate and build enduring and trusted relationships with worldwide high-level organisation leaders and representatives. Momodu manages projects across numerous commercial sectors for both governmental and private organisations.

Momodu is a skilled communicator and handles complex public and governmental issues working in partnership with senior public and central government officials and ministers, special interest groups, citizens, the media and donors.

Momodu acts as a consultant to Audley Chaucer on international commercial and diplomatic matters.

“Momodu’s consultancy to Audley Chaucer on legal and trade matters in not only Sierra Leone but in West Africa generally was invaluable…..”

“In determining international clients’ aspirations in Africa, his advice has made the difference between achieving success over failure on a number of occasions.”