Kimberley Aiken-Barre

Kimberley is an independent Criminal Barrister closely associated with Audley Chaucer Solicitors. Kimberley has over 24 years of principally criminal prosecution and defence. She also advises on matrimonial matters. She has an approachable manner with her clients while at all times representing them fearlessly. She has a sharp intellect combined with a skill to absorb complex matters swiftly.

Kimberley combines strong advocacy and trial skills with an ability to quickly absorb details. She works meticulously and to a deadline. She has particular skills in dealing with false allegations of all kinds, including fraud and alleged violent or sexual offences. Acting as both Leading Counsel or Junior where needed, Kimberley is experienced in high-cost cases and other large complex cases. She has been involved with high profile cases involving well-known individuals including actors, politicians, business leaders – where there is a particular need to act with absolute discretion.

Kimberley’s breadth of experience in the varied example cases shown below adds depth to Audley Chaucer’s ability to give its clients a comprehensive service:

  • Proceeds of Crime Proceedings
  • Defending National Crime Agency NCA proceedings
  • Appeal against conviction of a 27 year-old murder case, fresh evidence;
  • Appeal against conviction 9 year-old allegation of international trafficking;
  • International child abduction UK/Pakistan;
  • Rape allegations;
  • Defending HMRC investigations and prosecutions
  • Money laundering of Chinese run brothels, national network;
  • Fraud;
  • Public disorder offences;
  • Drugs importation

“Kimberley’s lateral thinking is a tour de force in the courtroom.”

“Kimberley has the ability to think on her feet and turn a case on its head to the benefit of her clients.”