Catriona Sheehan

Catriona is a specialist legal aid criminal solicitor with over 30 years of experience dealing with serious and complex crime. She is a skilled professional who serves her clients with dedication, compassion, and intelligence.

Catriona works with a huge range of clients and fearlessly represents their interests from the police station, to the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal. Catriona also manages a successful practice in prison law, assisting prisoners in asserting their rights once inside. She has been involved with high profile cases involving high volumes of confidential information, including representing celebrities, journalists, and those considered a threat to national security.

Catriona’s breadth of experience across a diversity of high profile and complex cases allows Audley Chaucer to deliver a cutting edge service for clients using legal aid:

Her areas of expertise include murder, manslaughter, fraud, and terrorism offences.

What has been said about Catriona.

“……..Catriona’s knowledge of the legal system is outstanding and she guided me safely through the worst time of my life…..”
“Catriona is the safest pair of hands I could have wished for…..”
“……. She dealt with my case 7 days a week to find a solution. Just brilliant”