Alina Dewshi


Alina graduated in Jurisprudence from Lincoln College, University of Oxford, completing her legal studies in Professional Legal Practice at the University of Law, Bloomsbury.

Alina initially became an investment accountant at a City firm, before returning to the legal environment at Audley Chaucer. Alina focuses on Wills, Trusts and Probate, lasting powers of attorney, personal injury claims and dispute resolution.

Alina brings a clarity of thought in addition to a great intellect and an analytical approach to problem solving complex legal issues. Alina is very thorough, accurate and has a razor sharp attention to detail.

Alina has been described as follows;

“Alina is alarmingly sharp but very easy and pleasant to deal with….”,

” …. Alina got to the heart of our problems and issues very quickly and delivered the potential solutions succinctly and effortlessly”, 

“…… I would not want Alina on the opposing side in my litigation …..”