Support for Victims of Crime

A consultation has begun with a view to strengthening the Code of Practice for victims of crime.

The Code of Practice governs the support services provided in England and Wales to victims of criminal conduct.

The Code of Practice was put in place to ensure that victims are put first, regardless of whether or not crimes are  reported, and that they receive sufficient support.

However, victims have claimed that the current Code of Practice is complex and inconsistent, resulting in many missing out on the support they are entitled to.

Data collected shows that 69% of victims do not report crimes, and so may be unaware of their rights under the Code of Practice.

Proposals have been set out to further clarify the rights of victims, and to improve awareness of these rights.

If you have any queries relating to your rights as a victim of crime, then contact us at Audley Chaucer.

Written by Syeda Anjum

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