Across all areas of the sporting world Covid-19 has put a hold on all events and its associated support elements, player transfers, advertising, sponsorship deals and media contracts. All of these elements may have significant legal consequences.

Audley Chaucer is well practiced in the field of sports law and understands that life as a sporting professional opens doors to new and exciting opportunities but sporting careers may be unpredictable and earning potential can be enormous and the lifestyle fast-paced.

At Audley Chaucer we work with many sports professionals and understand that their professional, commercial and personal circumstances may be complex and involve a range of legal issues. The present circumstances have put sporting events at all levels and sports men and women’s lives on hold but aspirations to improve their situations are still as strong. The legal issues surrounding those aspirations are as important now, if not more important, than they were before. Whether working with players, athletes or agents Audley Chaucer can arrange the diversity of sports specific contracts.

As a well practiced sports and media law firm we can provide advice on business agreements, contracts of performance, financial transactions, litigation and employee management and benefits. Audley Chaucer handles cases on defamation, libel, slander, encroachment on privacy, unsubstantiated allegations or declarations against individuals. We can also represent players, clubs, sports agents, regulatory associations or sponsorship companies.  As sports in the UK and the world re-start it has never been more important for those in the sphere of sports to negotiate strong contracts with a firm experienced in achieving secure contracts for a successful future.


Ian Lake

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