Online Probate Applications

Losing a loved one is both a stressful and upsetting time. In these difficult circumstances, the last thing you need is to deal with the lengthy procedures of making probate applications and attending  private registries to swear an oath, before being able to administer the estate.

To address this issue, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services (HMCTS) has launched an online probate application service for members of the public. This service was set up under HMCTS’ £1 billion court reform programme.

The new probate application service enables up to four joint applicants to apply, to pay the necessary fees and to swear a statement of truth online. This application system has been in testing since 2017 and is now available to most named executors in England and Wales.

However, members of the public using the system may not realise that they could be personally liable for any mistakes made on the application.  Complex estates can quickly become difficult to administer, leading to an expensive and time-consuming process.

For this reason, people looking to make a probate application should first consider consulting a solicitor, particularly in more complex cases.

If you are looking to apply for a probate, and have any questions relating to the application, then contact us at Audley Chaucer.

Written by Syeda Anjum

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