Kay Stewart considers Covid-19: Family Mediation

Many couples have been subject to immense strain in their relationship or marriage, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is as a result of homeworking, lack of external stimulus and for many relationships, home educating children.

We are always hopeful that marriage problems. However, those who believe that their relationship has broken down irretrievably may seek to resolve their issues as amicably, swiftly and fairly as possible with the interest and welfare of children being at the forefront. These couples will wish to avoid court and settle their differences through mediation.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process, optional for both parties and is now undertaken by many couples. It is entirely forward- looking, from the point of separation, with the aim to reach legally appropriate proposals for a financial settlement or children arrangements, or in some circumstances, both.

During a series of joint meetings, which can be held remotely, a solicitor family mediator can guide and inform parties in dealing with financial disclosure and having done so to assist the parties to reach their own proposals in setting individual objectives and the needs of the whole family.

At Audley Chaucer, we undertake safeguarding screening and conflict checks on all prospective mediation clients. The safety and wellbeing of our clients are the primary objective and if it is considered that the mediation process is not a viable option for the client, we will ensure the client and their partner are made aware of this, without breaching any confidences.

It is always recommended that prior to, or during the course of, mediation clients seek independent confidential advice from a specialist family solicitor. At Audley Chaucer, you can talk to one of our specialist family solicitors about the process of mediation and whether it would be a suitable remedy for your relationship.


If you desire to understand more about the mediation process and seek further information as to how Audley Chaucer can assist you in this process, please contact Kay Stewart or John Szepietowski  at Audley Chaucer Solicitors on 01372303444 or email us at admin@audleychaucer.com or visit our Linkedin page.

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