In some legal matters, crossing national boundaries becomes necessary to achieve the desired result. We have extensive contacts and relationships with many law firms throughout the world and can work seamlessly with them on clients’ behalf.

There is an increasingly complex and changing environment for international legal matters. For example cross-border legal security for companies operating overseas, copyright and intellectual property protection. Audley Chaucer has experience in advising on ‘Incoterms’ that inform sales contracts defining respective obligations, costs, and risks involved in the delivery often required for international sales of goods from the seller to the buyer, but they do not themselves conclude a contract, determine the price payable, currency or credit terms, govern contract law or define where title to goods transfers.

When the UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020, the UK government put in place legislation and advice for companies and individuals. An example of this is the import controls that will require companies importing and exporting to obtain an EORI number for without one additional costs and delays will occur. An example of the complicated network of legislation is that an EORI number is not required for moving goods between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Audley Chaucer can advise on how the changing legal relationships between UK companies and citizens can successfully operate internationally to give security in all matters.

Ian Lake

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