Dream Wedding Destinations under Review

The Government have announced a two-year Law Commission review of the law on how and where marriages are held. Some of the current provisions have remained in place since the 19th century.

This could potentially open opportunities for civil ceremonies to be held at sea, in public gardens, in private homes or on military sites for service personnel.

The aim of the review is to increase the choices and lower the cost of venues. The current laws surrounding venues are deemed to be outdated and too restrictive for modern life.

Under the current law in England and Wales, marriages must take place in a register office or a place or worship that is approved by the local authority.

The Justice secretary, David Gauke said ‘’Whilst we will always preserve the dignity of marriage, people from all walks of life should be able to express their vows in a way that is meaningful to them.’’

The Law Commission will now be working towards a simpler and fairer system.

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Written by Syeda Anjum

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