Copyright infringement: How to avoid it and what to do if it happens

It’s vital that companies copyright their intellectual properties. Copyright laws are some of the strongest and most complex out there, yet infringement is still widespread in almost every sector. The music and film industries find themselves victims of copyright infringement more than most, but it can happen to any unprotected intellectual property, so it’s important to do your research and find out how you can avoid it and deal with it effectively should it occur.

There are three main areas that, in our extensive knowledge and experience, suffer the most from copyright infringement, so our advice will focus on these and help you discover how to deal with copyright infringement.


A patent is a set of rights granted to a person to protect their new and inventive technology or functionality for a limited period of time. According to the EPO (European Patent Office), 5,313 patents were granted in 2017 alone, and this number is rapidly increasing. With ever-changing technological, environmental and societal needs; these patents are helping shape and future-proof our world, so it’s more vital than ever to ensure your inventions have patents attached.


A trademark is a badge of origin for goods and services used to distinguish one business from another. Trademarks ensure individuality amongst companies and provide an identity which cannot be imitated by competitors. Whether it’s a word written in a particular font, a symbol, a name or any combination of these, getting a trademark for your company means you are inimitable and distinct.


Design is an area in which many independent shops and designers find themselves struggling. The design is a difficult thing to copyright, but the amount of work, skill, education and planning that goes into creating unique designs means it’s arguably an area that needs the most protection. The phenomenon known as design theft is being reported more and more commonly, and there are even independent websites which deal with exposing thieves and giving the credit back to the designers. It’s important to speak to a legal team to protect your design from theft.

What to do if infringement occurs: It’s important to seek legal advice when applying for a patent, trademark or registering a design, as you need to make sure every loophole and clause is accounted for so, should infringement occur, your rights will be asserted against infringers. If you’ve been affected by a copyright infringement or want to seek expert advice before proceeding with a patent or trademark, you can contact our team today.

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