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Political risk covers a range of risks that arise from the possible actions of government. A classic example of political risks – which are generally insurable risks – are nationalisation events; for example, the oil and mining nationalisations seen in South America and Libya. This type of risk is often referred to as “expropriation” and may give rise to a right of compensation for affected foreign investors.

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People are increasingly challenging the contents of a will and are prepared to instigate court proceedings to challenge a will if they thought that the way assets were divided would be inappropriate. This could prove financially damaging for both personal and commercial distribution of assets if a will has not been prepared in a professional manner.

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Audley Chaucer can advise companies and individuals involved in or who have been affected by gambling. We are involved in litigating cases against some of the largest gaming companies by representing individuals who have lost money through the illegal or questionable conduct of the gaming companies.

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